3 Foods to Never Eat Before 9 AM


You’ve probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that whole organic fruit is an excellent choice. And it’s true that having the right kind of fruit can launch you into a day of fat burning bliss. Chosen wisely, the right fruits will pick you up, keep you feeling full, and jumpstart your metabolism causing you to burn more fat, even if you’re not exercising that day. But it’s also true that eating the wrong so-called “healthy” fruits for breakfast can sabotage the body and cause fat retention, fogginess, and that “starving” sensation that leads to a craving for junk food all day long…

However, if you avoid the top 3 foods you should never eat for breakfast and replace them with the right fruits instead, your body will respond differently, as well. Click the “Next Page” button below to discover the top 3 fruits you should never have for breakfast (and which fruits to eat instead). Click the “Next Page” button below to dive in.

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