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What Is Your Weight Loss Type?


(The reason why we ask is because men and women tend to have different weight loss types.)


When it comes to BODY SHAPE, [place gender here] in their [place age here]'s tend to be in one of the following... How would you describe your body shape?

When it comes to Food Cravings [place gender here] with [place shape here] figure generally experience the following:

[place gender here] that experience cravings for [place cravings here] can sometimes be rushed for time when it comes to maintaining their diet. How many processed foods do you eat a week (foods from a box, packaged or man made)?

[place gender here] that [place processed-foods here] eat processed foods sometimes drink alcohol as well. How often do you drink alcohol?

[place gender here] who are in their [place age here]'s often stuggle to find time to exercise. How often do you workout for 20 minutes or more?

[place gender here] that [place exercise here] exercise can sometimes stuggle to get enough rest. Which best describes you...

[place gender here] that are in their [place age here]'s sometimes experience food allergies or digestive problems. Do you experience or have you been diagnosed with either Crohn’s disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Leaky Gut Syndrome

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Based on your answers, we’ve determined that you most likely have weight loss type #1

[place gender here] in their [place age here]'s typically experience weight loss type #1 and there are 3 unusual reasons people with this particular “weight loss type” struggle to lose stubborn fat.

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