Why You Should Be Mad For Maca!


According to Chris Kilham, author of Hot Plants, says, “Maca enjoys a very long history of successful medicinal use for menopausal discomfort, infertility, and sexual healing. The question is not whether it works — because we know it works with certainty — but how it works.”

  1. If your sex is lacking, maybe you’ll want to consider this superfood. Maca according to some studies suggest that it modestly tweaks sexual desire and function. It appears that as far as sex is concerned, maca stimulates more than just the imagination.
  2. Feast on these superfood to improve your sex life. But hey! Maca does not only serve a sexier purpose, it is also rich in vitamin B, C and E. It provides plenty of calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and amino acids.
  3. Say goodbye to the monthly pain girl friends! Because this awesome superfood also relieves menstrual issues and menopause. Maca also alleviates cramps, body pain, hot flashes, anxiety, mood swings and depression.
  4. Maca is known for increasing stamina. So if you find yourself tired most of the time, consider using maca. Just a small amount could be exactly what you need for a boost!
  5. Maca, a root that belongs to the radish family helps your overall health in many ways. It supplies iron and restore red blood cells, which aids anemia and cardiovascular diseases. It keeps your bone healthy and allows healing wounds quickly. It also helps increase muscle mass when used in conjunction with a good workout regime.

Any man and woman would want to feel the vitality of this superfood. Dig in for an intimate experience of your life!

P.S. Maca is good in smoothies, salads, drinks, cooked foods, and juices. Don’t add it to anything that’s very hot though because it’ll lose all its benefits.

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